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0歳児~2歳児 : 住民税非課税世帯のご家庭 42,000円まで無償対象
3歳児~5歳児 : 「保育の必要性の認定」を市から受けたご家庭 37,000円まで無償対象
立川市の例)3歳児 認証コース週5日の場合
Free of Charge of Childcare Fee
Age 0 to 2 : Subsidized at max of 42,000yen for the households of non-taxable for residence tax.
Age 3 to 5 : Subsidized at max of 37,000yen (parents are required to receive "Accreditation of Benefit" approved by the city.) 
Example of Tachikawa City Residence  * The child is 3 years old and enrolled to the full-time course, 5 days/wk
62,000yen(Basic Fee of Tuition) - 37,000yen(Subsidy) = 25,000yen(Total monthly tuition Paid to sukusuku world)
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